Apache Maiden Burden Basket


Apache Maiden Burden Basket

The burden basket and the Apache Maiden Ceremonial are both strong and powerful gifts to the Apache people. I created this sculpture to share those gifts and provide a lasting representation of both. There are many more traditional items used ceremony, but I have chosen only these two. The burden basket has many uses, to carry berries, food, wood and many other things. Tree sap was used to cover the basket so that it would hold water. basket weaving was handed down through the years. It is a sacred tradition and a cherished skill. The basket was used in sacred ceremony. The gift was passed to my grandmother Helen Chatto, who gave the gift to my mother, and now my sisters. All the sacred prayers and songs for this ceremony were theirs. I can see my Mom sitting under a tree making baskets. Right before the “Coming of Age” ceremony. Because she was a “Warrior Woman”, I put the maiden and the basket together to honor her and this tradition. Everything was sacred to my Mom. The maiden was adorned with buckskin, eagle feathers, jingles, turquoise, mescal beads, ablaone and other traditional items. This strong and beautiful sculpture means a lot to me. I want other people to share the powerful gift that was given the Apache people. Like a stone, we will remain forever.


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April 28, 2014

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