The Award Winning Sculptor, Vincent Kaydahzinne

SFIM Live Auction Gala 2014

Vincent’s Art featured at SFIM Live Auction Gala 2014, Saturday, August 23, 2014

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New Mexico Magazine 1

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Apache Mother and Child

Inn of the Mountain Gods

Sculpture 7

Vincent Kaydahzinne at the Inn

Vincent KaydahzinneVincent Kaydahzinne believes it is his destiny to create and preserve his Apache heritage through music and art. He was born and raised on the Apache reservation in Mescalero, New Mexico. He was greatly influenced by his strongly traditional Mother and Grandmother. His sisters and brothers are basket weavers and artists. His mother, Pauline, is a renowned basket weaver with profound traditional knowledge. He is proud to be a descendent of Cochise and the warrior scout, Chatto. He spent the first eleven years of his life with Helen Chatto, wife of scout Chatto. For 27 years she was a prisoner of war along with Geronimo and the rest of the Chiricahua people. She inspired and nourished Vincent with her knowledge. This knowledge remains with him today and provides inspiration for his music and art. He is cognizant of his oral history, also an inspiration for his work.

His music and art are emotional, expressive of culture, language and history. They are an extraordinary blend of traditional and contemporary work. The sculptures have strong lines of movement, grace and balance, are narrative and portray authentic native life and customs. In sculpture, he lets the stone tell what it wants to be and allows the spirit to dictate the finished product.

His music and art incorporate an aspect of story telling and convey a message and emotion in a very simplistic yet moving manner. Vincent has been described an “international” man. He hopes to appeal to people of all backgrounds. His ultimate goal is to provide a vessel and a bridge between his people and others, and to preserve his own tradition and culture.

Mescalero & Chiricahua Apache